Building Committee News

Our parish building project has a professionally prepared master plan with two phases: 1. parish hall and 2. church.   Phase One building work began in July 2017.

A very generous bequest from the estate Ed+ and Elsie+ Havlat who died early in 2015 helped us reach our goal of $2.9 million needed to complete Phase One.  Our little parish did this.  Thank You, and Thank God!

Here’s how things look in late June 2018.

Brick work is mostly finished.

The new offices have windows and the drop ceilings are framed in.

Interior lights are hung–what a big parish hall!


Remodeling work is underway in three classrooms of the current school building.  The one next to the alley becomes the school office.  This picture shows workers making a hallway between old and new buildings.



Here’s how it will look from above. Our existing church stands where the future parking lot is shown in this drawing.