Current Meeting Notes

The Sacred Heart Altar Society meet on April 6, 2016.  President Donna Havlat presided over the meeting.  Fourteen members were present.  Two Bible Studies were held during Lent.  A 40 Hours Devotion was held April 3 thru April 5, 2016.  Twelve members of our church attended the Ecumenical Breakfast.  The Altar Society will donate money to the new carpet in our church.  500 desserts would made and given to the Julie Bridger-Viger benefit.  There will be a Senior Breakfast May 8, 2016.  Donuts and coffee are held at St. James Hall the first Sunday of the month after the 9 a.m. Mass.


Past Notes

The Crete PCCW meet on March 2, 2016. Ten members were present. Spirituality,Carol Murphy, told us about the Holy Year of Mercy and the different activities related to this.

Service, Kay Wessel, said Birthright helped 42 babies in 2015. Volunteers are needed at Birthright in Lincoln. A 60th Biennial LDCCW Convention will be held on April 15-16.

Our Altar Society will help provide desserts for the Julie Viger Fundraiser event on March 19. The Ecumenical Breakfast is March 23. Items are being collected to be donated to St. Gianna’s and can be given to Donna Havlat by April 1st. St. Gianna’s helps woman and their children have temporary housing.

On Feb. 3, 2016, the Altar Society met. Eight members were present. President, Donna Havlat, called the meeting to order. Fr. Steve Major talked about new carpet for the church aisles. The secretary and treasurer’s reports were given. The Deanery Meeting will be held Feb. 6 at 9 a.m. in Crete. Catholics at the Capitol is Feb. 24th. There will be another vote in April concerning NSAA.

The January baby shower was a success. These baby clothes etc. will be given to St. Gianna’s for women in need. Also, we will have a tree with crosses, stating a family’s need, at the front of the church during Lent. These items will also be given to St. Gianna’s for women in need. World Marriage Day is Feb. 14 and we give a red rose to couples in our parish who have been married over 50 years.

A Bible Study will be held at Carol Murphy’s home starting Feb. 10. If you are interested, please call Carol Murphy. We will have 40 Hours starting April 3.

On Nov. 4, 2015 the Altar Society met. Twelve members were present. Fr. Major spoke to us about the new hall building progress and the Joy of the Gospel Campaign. On Oct. 25th the women of the parish had a meal celebrating the “Daughters of the King Celebration”. Everyone agreed it had been a huge success.

There was 613 people served meals at the Sacred Heart Fall Dinner. Besides the meal, there was a Silent Auction, Country Store and Raffle.

There will be a retreat on Jan. 15 to Jan. 16 at Waverly. In St. James Hall the floor by the bathrooms had been redone by volunteers. The floor looks very nice and we appreciate the volunteer labor.

On Oct. 5 the PCCW met a 6:30. Fifteen members were present. President Donna Havlat called the meeting to order. The secretary and treasurer read their reports.
There will be a Diaper Drive in Oct. to give to the families in need. You can leave diapers in the entry of the church. Sizes 3,4 and 5 are the most needed. Work is being done to remove the carpet by the bathrooms in St. James Hall. Thanks to our volunteers. The Pro-Life Conference will be held on Oct. 30-31. There was a report from Jan Zahourek and Kate Severin who attended the “Retreat of Our Lady of Good Counsel” from 9/24 to 9/27. Our annual Fall Dinner will be Nov. 1 serving from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
It will be at St. James Hall.

On Sept. 2, 2015 the group resumed their meetings after a two month break. There were 4 guests and 13 members present. A salad supper was enjoyed by all before the meeting began.

Leadership, Judy Weber, said KVSS 102.7 AM is having a Call-In to raise money from 9/28 thru 10/2, 2015. The phone no. is 855-871-1027. Spirituality, Carol Murphy, asked us to pray for Pope Francis’s visit to the USA from 9/22 thru 9/27. He will visit President O’Bama, Congress and the United Nations. Service, Kay Wessel, informed us in Oct. we will collect diapers to be given to the needy.

Diane Blaser said on 9/19 the Backpack Program in having a “Fun Run & Pancake Feed” at the UCC. The Altar Society is going on a road trip to Tablerock and Steinacher, Nebr. To view the Catholic Churches there. Then have lunch at a Bed and Breakfast.

On June 3, 2015 the Altar Society meet at the beautiful home of Bill and Carol Murphy. Fourteen members were present and Donna Havlat presided at the meeting. The secretary and treasurer’s report were given.

Two funeral meals were served in May. The Slate of Officers for 2015-2016 will be Donna Havlat – president; Barb Lorenz – VP; Charlotte James – secretary; Cindy Havlat – treasurer; Dianne Blaser – historian; Leadership – Judy Weber; Spirituality – Carol Murphy; Service – Kay Wessel. Installation of officers will be at a Sunday Mass in August.

We are having a Food Festival on June 27 on the church grounds. All of the community is invited. There will be ethic food such as Spanish, Asian, New Orleans and kolaches.
Come enjoy the food.

Totus Tutus, the children and teenager’s Bible School is June 29 – July 3rd. Please call the rectory to enroll your child.

The Crete PCCW Meeting was held on May 13,2015. Ten members were present.

We received a letter of thanks from St. Gianna’s (the temporary home for abused women and their families) until they get settled. We furnished new supplies for the kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms. The woman get to take the new supplies when they leave.

A Senior breakfast was held and 9 graduating seniors attended plus their family members of 47. Jane Reffett gave a report on the remodeling of St. James Hall bathrooms. Jane also mentioned the Food Festival will be held on June 27 on the church gounds. Plans are being made and volunteers are asked to help or provide donations.

Five women are going to enter religious life and we are donating $100 to help pay their debts. New officer elections were held with basically every office staying the same.

Deacon Chris Ekrich will be here from June 8 to July 29th.

The Catholic Altar Society met on March 4th at the rectory. Fourteen members were present. President Donna Havlat presided. Minutes were read and also the treasurers’ report.

Carol Murphy reminded us of “40 Days of Life” during Lent. There will be a peaceful protest of the Abortion Clinich in Lincoln. It is a 24 hour/7 day a week protest and anyone is welcome.

Leadership Judy Weber passed around a flyer about the March 24 day at St. Mary’s in Lincoln. Prayer in held and a visit to the Governor’s Mansion. We are encouraged to protest LB586 when it is presented to the Unicameral next Monday.

Our St. James’s Hall bathroom is being painted and other volunteer work is being done. Thanks to the volunteers!

The next meeting is April 1st at 6:30 p.m. at the rectory. Any church woman is welcome to attend.

Crete Catholic Altar Society meet on February 11th, 2015. Fourteen members were present with President Donna Havlat presiding. There will be a retreat on Ash Wednesday at Waverly at Our Lady of Good Counsel. This is the beginning of Lent.

A Divine Mercy highway sign was installed on the highway between Wilber and Crete.

Roses will be given to couples married 50 years or more the weekend of Feb. 14-15 at our church services. During Lent we are collecting new items for St. Gianna’s apartments for abused women and their families. Our St. James HaIl basement bathroom is getting remodeled.

On Jan. 14, 2015, a meeting was held with President Donna Havlat presiding. Fourteen members were present. Secretary’s and treasurer’s reports were approved. We sent get-well, sympathy, baby and birthdays cards to members. When the Unicameral is in session we can check weekly what is discussed on their website

An Advent Baby Shower will be held this month and baby items can be bought to church and we give to the needy.

In April 2016 we are furnishing an apartment for women in need at St. Gianna’s home. We will supply new household items for the apartment and women can take these items when they leave St. Gianna and can take care of themselves. Soon we will be collecting items, anyone is welcome to donate. Call Charlotte James if you want more information 402-826-9333.

Ladies of the Sacred Heart Parish are welcome to come to our meeting.

On Dec. 3 the Crete Catholic Altar Society meet with 16 members present. President
Donna Havlat presided over the meeting. Chrisffiras cards will be sent to various groups
and individuals. We collected 130 lbs. of food and took it to Blue Valley Food Bank in
Nov. Differerrt donations and gifts were discussed and the amounts of money were would
donate. In Aprit of 2016, we will give new items to furnish an aparfrneot for a family and
we will start collecting those items in Nov. of 2015. An Advent Baby Shower will be
hetd in Jan. and those baby items will be donated to those in need” The next meeting will
be held on Jan. 7,2015. Any church member is welcome.

November 5th